Pixellot - Tactical View Pixellot - Broadcast View Pixellot Panorama
Package Features Hourly Price Select
VPA Pro Selection of Broadcast OR Tactical view view for GAME Automation
Download file links emailed to you within 48 hours of game completion
VPA Elite Everything in Pro
Panorama file
NOTE: Panorama file is mainly useful in unison with the Clipper Software for post game analysis
VPA Live Stream Everything in Elite
Live stream of the footage to VPASports.TV plus up to 2 other platforms or websites
Footage is with live graphics
Clipper Software + joystick Software ingests the Panorama file and allows movement in time and space to re-capture moments from the entire file. Perfect for post analysis or for capturing training post event COMING SOON  
Custom Yearly Packages Please contact VPA Technologies at info@vpaproductions.com.au for enquiries over yearly package deals    
VPASports.TV View Pass Monthly subscription allows VIEWING for ALL games on vpasports.tv
Does NOT apply to the ability to download any games

“VPA Guideline” for package purchases.

  • Capture Automation is only appropriate for FULL FIELD GAME hires not TRAINING hires.
  • For TRAINING, the VPA ELITE package is the most appropriate, COMBINED with the CLIPPER Software to be able to produce clips POST game, moving within TIME and SPACE using the Panorama full field file that is provided along with the automated file in this package. The automated file for training however will be random, unless a FULL FIELD training game takes place, in which the automated file (Tactical OR broadcast) will pick up the action automatically.
  • To see the CLIPPER software in action, watch the video HERE
  • IF the hire consists of multiple games within the hired time slot, the hirer MUST provide a timing schedule of those games 24 HOURS prior to the hire date to allow the scheduling of those games within the Pixellot system.
  • The provided schedule MUST allow TEN (10) minutes between each finish and start time to allow the system to complete the file, and prepare for the next game.
  • IF the hirer defers from the submitted schedule, this will affect the recorded files, as the system WILL NOT be changed within 24 hours. FNSW or VPA will only be responsible for automated captured footage aligned with the submitted schedule by the hirer.
  • Packages must be PRE PURCHASED on VPASports.TV. You can access and purchase these packages on the packages page http://vpasports.tv/packages.php
    You can select packages based on the hourly rate.
  • You can select packages based on HOURLY rate by selecting multiple quantities of the hourly package offering, OR you can select the TOTAL package offering (includes 8 hours of hire) to receive the discount that is appropriate to each total package.
  • PACKAGES can only be purchased AFTER FIELD HIRE directly from Football NSW at Valentine's Sports Park. To hire Oval 2 at VSP, please contact Football NSW directly HERE. VPASports.TV will assume that field hire has been confirmed BEFORE package purchase. AFTER package purchase, please submit any SCHEDULED games within your hire to your Football NSW contact, whom you booked the field hire with. These will then be scheduled prior to your hire.
  • Pre-purchased, recorded files will be available on VPASports.tv guaranteed within 48 hours from the time of hire completion, available for VIEW and DOWNLOAD
  • IF the hirer requires the files to be PRIVATE, there will be a $25 admin fee per HOUR additional to the hourly package pricing. The files will then be archived by VPAsports.tv, but will be sent privately to the purchaser, and will not be publicly available on VPASports.TV for purchase
  • VPASports.TV withholds the rights to resell the video footage on its platform IF the hirer does not pay the PRIVATE fee for EACH hour of hire.
  • VPASports.TV will guarantee it will sell GAME footage only, which will be at the price of $10/game/view and $250/game/download

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